How to add dynamic schema markup to wix website

Adding structured data and schema markup to your wix website can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of pages, and your pages changes dynamically. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add JSON LD structured data via SchemaBoost script, to cover all your needs.


Generate perfect structured data and schema markup for your Wix website.


One of the most difficult topics in SEO nowadays is structured data or schema markup. Everybody is an expert until you tell them, "okay now my website is ready, let's add schema markup to it!".


Even for Wix team, who built a massive website builder, they found that covering schema markup is a daunting and complicated task. 


In Wix adding schema markup guide; they state the following:

Quote: "Structured data is an advanced topic, and Wix Customer Care cannot assist in any changes to, or submissions of, structured data. However, if you experience any errors, you can check out our structured data troubleshooting help."


The only possible way to add schema markup on Wix platform is to manually build JSON LD code and add the code to each of your pages. 


If your website is 5 to 20 pages and your content doesn't dynamically change, then adding the schema markup code manually for each page is fine. But if your site grows, and the content is changing, then you need a better solution.


SchemaBoost is a schema markup generator that works with any website and any CMS; it allows you to build complete structured data across your site with minimal effort. 


With SchemaBoost, you don't need to write any code to get the JSON LD code generated. Just load your website via site highlighter and click on a field to map it, schema markup code will be updated whenever your content changes.


To add SchemaBoost script to your wix website, follow the following steps:


  • From Wix main menu, click on My Sites.
  • Click on "Select & Edit Site" on your website. 
  • From dashboard on the left, go to Settings.
  • From Settings page, scroll down to "Tracking Tools."
  • From Tracking Tools page, click on Custom.
  • You will be prompted to add custom code snippet, paste the following script in the text field:
<script src=""></script>
  • From "All Pages" option, select "Load code on each new page"

Note: this script doesn't add any page load on your website or your users. It's 2Kb minified script, it will only be loaded when SEO bots crawl your pages, or you are building a schema markup via SchemaBoost Builder and you use Site Highlighter to edit your page.

Once finished, go to and register your website, it will import your sitemap.xml to get your pages from Wix. Then go to Schema Builder interface to start creating schema types such as Product, How-To, or any other type. We support every type in, in addition, we comply with Google requirements for structured data.

To learn more visit how it works page to learn more.