Increase your SEO traffic with Rich Snippets

If you're trying to boost your rankings and get more traffic, rich snippets could be the best way. It helps users to know more about the web page right on the SERPs. Schema markup is a form of Structured Data which 70% of people don't know yet it increases CTR and user engagement.

Let me assume, your website is on the first page on Google. So, you definitely get massive visitors per day. But you always want more and that we all do.

What happens if I give you the exact solution or tricks that give you 28.2% more traffic to your website and be the first result?

Are you excited? 

I know you are very excited. So, Stay tuned and read this article carefully.

First of all, If you want to get top ranking on Google, you have to take advantage of SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization.

Nowadays, most of the website owner thinks SEO means just backlink making. But it's not true because On-page optimization also played a useful role in higher ranking. 

In on-page optimization, one thing can boost your SEO process and get higher ranking as well as 28.2% more traffic on your website with 2-8% extra CTR.

That is "Structured Data" and "Schema Markup."

If you heard this for the first time, then no worry at all. I will discuss it briefly.

In this post, we are going to reveal all the related things about structured data, schema markup, and rich snippet. 

Why it's so important, what is the benefit to using it and is these give an SEO boost on my website?

If you read this whole article carefully, you can be an SEO boss on that particular topic called "Structured Data" and "Schema Markup."

So, What are you waiting for? Let's Do It!


What is Structured Data

Generally, structured means construct or arrange something according to a plan, its kind of data that built or arranged for something.

In the field of SEO, it hasn't the same meaning but similar to that.

Originally, Structured Data is some arranged or constructed code that you put onto your website to give more specific information about the site to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

With the help of this structured data code, search engines quickly crawl and read the whole website or pages and get valuable information about that particular website or page

They collect the information, and when the visitor searches for that particular topic, the search engines immediately show the results.

Do you get it now? If yes, then I have a question for you.

Let us consider two websites(A & B) with the same content, the same age, and all the other SEO factors are the same. But one website(A) has structured data, but (B) doesn't have any structured data.

Now you tell me which website will rank higher?

I know your answer and also see that you are smiling now. The answer is (A) website will rank higher than the other one.


Why We Use Structured Data on Our Website?

If your answer is correct, then I think now you definitely know why we have to use structured data. But you have to clear in some more points.

First, If you put Structured data correctly, your search results will provide more data than other results.

On the other hand, Search engines give you more space to put the vast data of your search result.

It will provide the eye-catching possibility for your result and increase CTR.

This two-factor help to increase the click-through rate of your website when the visitor visits and saw the results.

Because your search listings now provide a touch more information and also look more visually appealing.

Let's take a look at the live proof. Below we see a search result for "best biryani recipes." In the first result, we see average result page, but the second result is more unique and resourceful than the first one.

The second one has much more information regarding the biriani recipes. That has a 4.7-star rating by 631 votes. The result show this recipe has 617 cal of energy. 

So, which one is more ey-catchy? Which one is getting more click?

What do you think? I know the answer, the second one will get more visitors than the first one.




Some Proven Benefits of Structured Data


Some big agencies, companies like Rakuten, Stylecraze, and Zip-recruiter were implementing structured data and got a fantastic result on their website. Here is some example of google's case studies.



In this picture, we see, Rakuten got 1.5x more session duration, Stylecraze improved their CTR 1.2x, and Ziprecruiter grows conversion rate 4.5x by structured data implementing.

 We see their case studies results and got our answer that it's essential to make structured data and implement it on our website.

Be Aware to Produce False Structured Data


Everything has a good and bad side. Structured data has these two also. If you use irrelevant structured data on your website, you can get a manual action from Google.

Because Google always wants to give relevant results to their visitor. If you try to be too smart than google, then it causes you trouble.

After being caught, Google doesn't give your structured data on SERP.So, Be careful about that.

The second thing that everyone does is don't update the structured data. It causes their SERP also. As an example, we can consider Job posting. Because every job post has an expiration date.

So, Be aware of those structured data mistakes that can cause your search traffic and give search console error.



What is schema markup?


Those who are tensed about that topic and thought, this will be difficult for learning. I can assure you that It's effortless and simple.

I think you will get a shock after reading below!!

There are different types of schemas out there for a website's structured data. So, all the search engines decided to use some kind of formatting of the schema for the search result.

Search engines create a platform called for generating schema markup data.


Different Encoding Types of Schema


There are three types of schema encoding types out there. Google Search supports structured data in those formats. They are given below:

  1. JSON-LD
  2. Microdata
  3. RDFa

The first type called JSON-LD. You can see the details about these types in the picture below. That is an article by Google developer for understanding structured data.



Different Types of Schema Markup


Schema markup can be used in a different situation. Its application can vary from one website to another because it has different types also.

The world has a vast number of websites, and its types are different too. Every day all are trying to do unique things and making different types of websites also.

For that reason, it's hard to find out the best and suitable result in search. That is why search engines gather data and make different types of schema.

Now we are going to discuss these types of schemas markup, which often used.

1.Product & Offer Schema Markup[Ecommerce]


Product markup used to specify the product with relevant information and sell it online. In this type of schema, data structure requires all the general info of the product like price and availability. Offer schemas need the price currency also.

This picture shows us the shoe's information provided by the developer in the schema markup. With the help of that, we can see the rating, reviews, price, and stock information.




2.Organization Schema Markup 


Organization type schemas provide details about that particular organization. Its gather the name of the organization, their logo with their all kinds of features like the founder, founded date, CEO, etc.

It also contains the contact details of this organization.



3.Individual Persons Schema Markup


The Person's Schema shows all essential information about an individual person, like name, birthday, address, education, and relations, etc.

Google assumes that if you're checking out someone by name, you're likely trying to find some basic information.

So, with this schema, it's getting to deliver the solution you seek without you wanting to click through to a different website.

In this picture, you can see a person's schema in the search result. Its Elon Musk, who is the founder and CEO of SpaceX. 

We can get all the essential information without clicking any website. Isn't it awesome?



4.Schema Markup for Local Business


Local business schema markup is so helpful for a local businessman with their local companies or a local branch of an organization.

It helps customers to find out the company's location and other information like the address, opening hours, contact info, etc.

Local Business may be a particular physical business or branch of a corporation, for instance, a restaurant, a branch of a bank, courier service etc.

In this picture, we can see the search result which gives the location, website address, also contact information with opening and closing time. 



5.Event Schema Markup


Event schema markup gives the schedule of events like concerts, webinars, lectures with location, date, and price also.

All in one place like the picture below.




6.Recipe Schema Markup


Recipe schema markup basically shows the rich snippet of the recipe with their rating, reviews, etc.

In this picture below we can realize that type of schema.




7.Article Schema Markup


Schema Article Markup is used for news and blog posts. It's very popular because there are billions of blogs open at a day and they use that schema.

It's easy to understand what type of content this is by the use of article schema type. Because it gather the headline, published date, and featured image also.

But we can use different types of schema markup for different types of articles like a news article, blog post etc.



How to Put Schema Markup On Website? 


1. First Go to Google's Structured Data Markup Helper.

2. Select the type of data that you want to markup.

3. Paste in the URL of the page or other posts you want to markup.



4. Highlight and select the type of elements to be marked up.

5. Continue adding markup items one by one.




6. Create the HTML.

7. Add the generated schema markup to your web page. If you want then you can also add before testing.


Schema Boost- The Best Schema Generator


You can do it easily by using our tools called Schema Boost. It's too easy than any other tools in the world. It's the best and easy tool to make a schema for your website.


You don't need any coding skills and don't worry about what cms you have. Just you have to put some info and it automatically generates code.

You can try their Schema Markup Generator tool By clicking that link.



You can use the Rich results testing tool to check the schema is correct or not. Also, you can get the errors or warnings for this schema.

After putting the schema markup on your website you will get search results in a rich format. Which is called rich snippets. We will discuss it later.


What are Rich Snippets?


Basically, Rich means who get a bit more than others. Now we have to compare this with the search result. What did we get?

Yes, you are absolutely right. 

Rich snippets or Rich results are those kinds of result which are more informational than the ordinary one. Rich results displayed some additional data.

The additional data are collected from the structured data, which is in page's Html. We say this kind of result's example before. Now take a look with another one.

I search for "best burger recipe" then I got these two results. What do you think, which is a rich result?

If your answer is the second one then it's right. Because the second result contains some extra information than the first one.

The second one has 23 votes and a 5-star rating with 533 cal. These data are collected from the structured data which we marked up by schema.

I think now you are clear about these topics.





Common Rich Snippet Type


There are so many Rich snippets over there. But we discuss the common Rich snippets.

  • Reviews
  • Recipes
  • Music
  • Product Markup
  • Organization
  • Video.
  • Events


We already discuss these types of schema markups. After applying those schemas we got these types of rich snippets also. So that we don't discuss more these types.

Why Rich Snippets are Important for Seo


  • These results are so nicer and gather more information than the ordinary one. That's why people get interested to click this result most.
  • Rich snippets help to get more conversion rate.
  • It gives much more CTR(Click Through Rate) than the common one.
  • Rich snippets make a unique look and gave a better user experience.
  • These rich results help to get higher ranking on google.


Some of the marketers said that Rich snippets are not a ranking signal. I agree with them but it helps to get better ranking on google.

Because Google prefers those results which are more user friendly and more informational. Rich snippets help to get more clicks from the user. 

When the user often clicks your result than others, Google thinks its more suitable than any other results on this page. 

That is why Google gives you a better ranking with the help of this Rich Snippets.

To build structured data for your website fast and easy, you can start with schema markup generator